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girlfriends on colorism

do you have any advice on how to stop tying my self-worth and self-love on my appearance?


I think that you can feel beautiful both inside and out. 

Sounds cliche, but feeling pretty is partially psychological. 

I used to struggle to look in the mirror, often not liking the person staring back at me.

I began affirming my appearance by saying

"I am beautiful."

"I have the most gorgeous eyes."

"My face is unique"

"I was wonderfully made with this body"

Soon, I began to see those aspects I had been affirming and today I am able to look in the mirror and genuinely smile.

The happiest people are the prettiest.


Also, it is important to build your self worth and self love as separate entities. Here is a great place to meditate for self worth. Some affirmations they have are:

You are a worthwhile person.

You are capable of achieving many things.

You deserve to be happy. You can be happy even through difficult circumstances.

You can handle the problems that come your way.

You are a strong person… while understanding that no one needs to be strong all the time.

You are an okay person…. a good person.

Your worth is not measured by achievements, appearance, or other external things. You are worthwhile as a person, just the way you are.

You are perfectly alright, just the way you are.

Accept yourself.

Be kind to yourself.

Take good care of yourself physically and emotionally.

You are okay the way you are.

I am a worthwhile person.

I deserve to be happy. I deserve good things.

I am a human being with flaws. It is okay to have flaws.

I am unique, and I appreciate my uniqueness.

I am perfectly alright, just the way I am.

I feel good about myself.

It is okay to like myself.

I am likable.

I have many good qualities.

I am a decent human being.

I do some things wrong and many things right.

I learn from my mistakes, and forgive myself when I make them.

I take time for myself. I deserve this time, and need this time.

I take care of others and I take care of me.

I accept help, support, and love from others.

I am confident.

I hold myself in high regard.

I like myself.

I accept myself.

I am not perfect, and that is okay.

I accept myself.

Hope this begins to help!

There are some things you don’t just “get over” so ignore those who tell you to “move on” or to “get over it” or that “it was not a big deal”.
Take all the time you need to process, feel, process some more, talk with someone, process even more and do whatever else you need to for your health and healing. Nobody should put a timeline on recovery.
Heal at your own speed. I am here if you need me. By : Healing  (via yourpersonalcheerleader)